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Mumbai to Goa!

Train Number 10104 Mandovi Express Timetable

Everything about

Train Timetable for 10104 Mandovi Express connecting Madgaon of Goa. Also see the Mumbai to Goa Mandovi Express (Train No 10103) Timetable.

# Railway Station Code Railway Station Arrival Departure
1 MAO Madgaon --- 08.30
2 KRMI Karmali 09.08 09.10
3 THVM Thivim 09.28 09.30
4 PERN Pernem 09.40 09.42
5 SWV Sawantwadi Road (RL) 10.05 10.07
6 KUDL Kudal 10.28 10.30
7 SNDD Sindhudurg 10.40 10.42
8 KKW Kankavli 11.00 11.02
9 VBW Vaibhavwadi Road 11.30 11.32
10 RAJP Rajapur Road 11.48 11.50
11 ADVI Adavali 12.30 12.32
12 RN Ratnagiri (RL) 13.30 13.35
13 SGR Sangmeshwar 14.14 14.16
14 CHI Chiplun 15.18 15.20
15 KHED Khed 16.00 16.02
16 MNI Mangaon 17.18 17.20
17 PNVL Panvel 19.25 19.30
18 TNA Thane 20.28 20.30
19 DR Dadar 21.00 21.03
20 CSTM Mumbai CST 21.40 ---

Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai to Goa Ferry

Mumbai to Goa Ferry

Travel from Mumbai to Goa by Ferry! Sounds exciting. But does the ferry service exist? The short answer is NO. The Mumbai-Goa ferry service (catamaran) has been operational till around 2004. During the sixties and seventies there was a pair of steam ships - Konkan Shakti and Konkan Sevak -... MORE ➜

Mumbai to Goa!Mandovi Express

Mandovi Express

Mandovi Express (Mandavi Express)  is a popular express train to travel from Mumbai to Goa. This is a pair of trains with the same name. The first Mandovi Express (Train No: 10103) operates daily from Mumbai to Goa while the second train ( Train no: 10104 ) operates from Goa to... MORE ➜

Mumbai to Goa!Konkan Kanya Express

Konkan Kanya Express

Konkankanya express (Train Number: 10111 and 10112) connects Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CSTM) with Goa's Madgaon (MAO) railway stations.

MOREMumbai to Goa by Train

Mumbai to Goa by Train

There are at least 10 express trains that connect Mumbai with Goa. Some are daily express trains while the rest are weekly or biweekly trains. See the timetable  to find the train timings from Mumbai to Goa. Some of the trains to Goa depart from Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus ( Railway... more ➜

Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai to Goa via Pune

Mumbai to Goa via Pune

Let's divide the Mumbai to Goa drive in two major laps. The first is about Mumbai to Pune drive and the second is about Pune to Goa drive. Overall Mumbai to Goa Road Distance is about 600km. You'll spend 10-12 hours on road till you reach the destination in Goa.... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Matsyagandha Express

Matsyagandha Express

The daily express train that connects Mumbai with Mangalore via Goa. Matsyagandha Express is one of the popular trains to travel from Mumbai and Mangalore to Goa and Train Number : 12619 (Mumbai - Goa- Mangalore ) and Train Number : 12620 (Mangalore - Goa - Mumbai)

Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai Madgaon Mangalore Express

Mumbai Madgaon Mangalore Express

Train Number 12133 is called Mangalore Express and the return train (Train no:12134) is called Mumbai Express. This pair of express trains connects Mumbai and Mangalore with Goa (Madgaon station)

everything about goa !
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