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Mumbai to Goa!

Pune to Goa

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Pune to Goa by Road:
Goa is about 450km south of Pune. There are multiple routes to reach Goa from Pune.

There are two national highways running parallel towards Goa and Pune. The first one is NH17 and the second one is NH4. The first dilemma probably is if to build your route plan around NH17 or NH4.

Go for NH4, if you are not having some specific reasons to select NH17.

So the suggested route (in terms of driving conditions) is the NH4 (AH47) via Belgaum to Goa. Out of the 450km or so distance, you'll be driving through Karnataka for about 175km before crossing to Goa.

Let's divide the whole route from Pune to Goa into three parts. The first and longest stretch (about 350km) is driving from Pune to Belgaum (Belagavi).
The second part is Belgaum to Goa boarder (about 55km).
And the last step is about navigating to your final destination in Goa, that could be anything from 50 to 100km based on where you are heading to in Goa.

Let's go back to the first stretch of the route, that is Pune to Belgaum. This is a no brainer. Just get out of Pune city and head to the NH4 that passes along the western fringes of the city. For that you may take one of the west heading or south heading main roads depending of where you are driving from Pune city.

Once you hit the NH4 (popularly called the Pune-Bangalore highway) it's a typical highway affair. Means, the traffic moves fairly smooth, good 4/6 lane road. Your driving will be only to be interrupted with those what appears to be frequent toll plazas, though they are quite apart. During the peak traffic , the queue at these toll booths do get a bit longish. So you may eventually spend the time you earned on the road would be spend on the toll booth queues!

The best strategy to deal with this (and also to negate the busy hours crossing a few cities and towns enroute) is to start as early as possible from Pune. You'll bypass Satara, Karad and Kolhapur, but will drive right through the Belgaum city center.

For the second part of the route, select your route options for diversions from NH4 to Goa.

Route Option 1 : Goa via Amboli Ghat (Nipani/Sankeshwar - Ajra - Sawantwadi route)
Route Option 2 : Goa via Chorla Ghat (Belgaum - Jamboti -Sanquelim- Chorla route)
Route Option 3 : Goa via Anmod Ghat (Khanapur - Anmod - Mollem - Ponda route)

You may tempted to use the Ajra - Sawantwadi route to head to Goa via Amboli Ghat, leaving NH4 at Sankeshwar. Well, that's doable. Take this route if you are heading to the northern part of Goa. Once you exit NH4, your driving style will change in one stroke!

Unlike the HN4 driving, the Sankeshwar - Gandhinglaj- Ajra - Amboli - Sawantwadi route is pretty slow winding through farmlands and finally through the forest (Amboli Ghat road). And not to mention the monsoon inflicted driving conditions, though monsoon brings to life a number of spectacular waterfalls to life in this route to Goa.

The second option (via Jamboti and Chorla Ghat ) is to keep continue on NH4 all the way to Belgaum city and take diversion to the Khanapur Road (NH4A). Further you'll have to leave the Khanapur Road (NH4A) towards Jamboti. This route will wind through the Chorla Ghat as you enter Goa border from Belgaum side. Prefer the Chorla Ghat route if your destination is around the Old Goa, Mapusa etc.

The only thing to watch out for is to get out of the NH4 at the right location. You need to prepare to exit HN4 some 10-15km before Belgaum city.

Your diversion is towards right from NH4. About 10km ahead of belgaum city, take the service road that appears on the left side of the highway. Watchout for this exit soon you see Hindalco plant on your left. You would reach this point in about 15 minutes after This service road will take you under the highway.

Cross the highway (under the flyover) by turning right and then left soon you've crossed the flyover. If you've taken the correct diversions, you should see sooner the large KLE Hospital & University campus along your right. Keep straight you hit a large circle called Chennamma Circle. The landmark is unmistakable with the statue of Rani Chennamma astring a horse at the center of this roundabout.

Turn right at the roundabout and keep left. This is NH4A. If in doubt ask for Khanapur Road (as it is locally called) . By the way if you have missed the Hindalco exit on HN4, don't worry, ask for direction to Chennamma Circle from the city area.

After Chennamma Circle keep continue on the main highway (NH4A) till you hit a Y fork called Peeranwadi cross. You should reach Peeranwadi cross after 8km drive from Chennamma Circle. Make no mistakes here, take the right fork of the road. You are leaving NH4A and heading to Jamboti.

The route is quite scenic after Jamboti when the road negotiates the Western Ghats in the Chorla area.

The Wildernest Nature Resort is in this route, midway in the ghat. You'll also see many waterfalls during the wet seasons. Surla waterfalls is a short walk from the ghat road.

As you exit the forest and the Ghat road , you are well on your way to Sanquelim town in Goa. Make your choice of further routes in Goa based on your destination in Goa.

You should be able to cover this stretch (Belgaum - Goa) in about 3+ hours.

Now your third option to enter Goa is via Anmod Ghat. Do everything as detailed in the Chorla Ghat route above till the Y fork at Peeranwadi cross. In this case, keep continue on NH4A by taking the left fork at Peeranwadi cross. You are on your way to Khanapur. At Gharli, turn right. You are on the way to the Anmod Ghat. You'll zigzag through the forest to reach Mollem in Goa.

This is your first diversion point in Goa. You can keep continue on NH4A till Ponda and head to the direction based on your destination in Goa.

By the way if you are looking for bus option, there are quite a few daily bus services with convenient overnight timings to reach Goa in the morning.

Also see the 2-3 train options to travel from Pune to Goa. The day trains via Castle Rock will give you a spectacular view of the Dudhsagar Falls, an otherwise difficult to access point in Goa.

Mumbai to Goa by road distances.

The major route options and distances for Mumbai-Pune-Goa : Mumbai to Goa Route Option 1 (via Belgaum): Mumbai -80km->Lonavala -70km-> Pune -110km-> Satara -120km->Kolkapur -35km->Nipani-25km->Sankeshwar-50km->Belgaum-28km->Khanapur -100km->Ponda -32km->Panaji (Goa) Mumbai to Goa Route Option 2 (via Belgaum): Mumbai -80km->Lonavala -70km-> Pune -110km-> Satara -120km->Kolkapur -35km->Nipani-25km->Sankeshwar-50km->Belgaum-110km-> Panaji (Goa) Mumbai to Goa Route Option 3 (via Sawantwadi): Mumbai -80km->Lonavala -70km-> Pune -110km-> Satara -120km->Kolkapur -35km->Nipani-110km->Sawantwadi-60km->Panaji (Goa) Mumbai Pune Belgaum Goa Distances

Road Route options to travel from Pune, Kolhapur and Belgaum to Goa

Road Route options to travel from Pune, Kolhapur and Belgaum to Goa

Road Route options to travel from Pune, Kolhapur and Belgaum to Goa

MOREMumbai to Goa by Train

Mumbai to Goa by Train

There are at least 10 express trains that connect Mumbai with Goa. Some are daily express trains while the rest are weekly or biweekly trains. See the timetable  to find the train timings from Mumbai to Goa. Some of the trains to Goa depart from Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus ( Railway... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Goa Railway Stations

Goa Railway Stations

You'll not find a railway station with name Goa! Rather, the main two railway stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama (Code:VSG) and Madgaon (Code:MAO). Vasco da Gama is a terminus, located very close to the Dabilm Airport (Goa Airport) and the port. Most of the long distance trains to... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa

You can travel to Goa from Mumbai by Road, Air and Rail. Mumbai to Goa by Road: There are two major routes connecting Mumbai with Goa. The first is along NH17 and the second is via Pune (NH4). Mumbai to Goa distance (via NH4) 600km : Mumbai - 150km-> Pune... MORE ➜

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Everything about Goa!How to reach Goa

How to reach Goa

Goa is well connected with the rest of the Indian states by rail, road and air. Goa by Road: National Highway 17 ( NH 17) passes right through Goa in a generally north south direction. Apart from being the arterial road of the state , NH 17 connects the northern... more ➜


Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai to Goa Train Time Table

Mumbai to Goa Train Time Table

Train No. Train Name From Station Depart Time To Station Arrival Time Travel Time (h)  Operated on 12450 Goa Sampark Kranti Express PNVL 5:10 Madgaon 13:15 8H 5Min Sun, Tue 12978 Marusagar Express PNVL 5:10 Madgaon 13:10 8H Sat 12432 Hazrat Nizamuddin -Trivandrun Rajdhani Express PNVL 5:10 Madgaon 12:55 7H... more ➜

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