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Everything about Goa!

Polem Beach

Everything about

No. The mob is yet to invade Polem Beach!

Polem is as south as you can head in Goa, when it come to searching for that elusive lonely beaches and beach life. All you would see in this crescent shaped short beach is probably half a dozen catamarans of the local fishermen folks. Off season, this beach has a eerie look. If that'a what you are looking for welcome to Polem!

By the way do not get confused Polem beach with the relatively 'developed' Palolem beach north of it. In fact Polem now looks like how Paloem was a decade back, as it was getting 'discovered'.

South of Polem is a boulder strewn rugged outcrops projecting into the sea. Beyond witch is the black sanded Tilmati beach of Karnataka state. Well, you can actually walk from Goa to Karnataka along the beach!

About 6km north of Polem, beyond the thickly wooded terrain is the Xendrem Beach, another lonely secret beach of Goa with little tourist action. Like Polem, Xendrem Beach also can be reached by a short walk towards the seaside from the highway.

Also be forewarned, get to Polem only if you are looking for that elusive solitude. The creature comforts typical of a touristy place are much limited. Though there are a couple of small bars and restaurants, even during the peak tourist season, Polem doesn't get packed. Also be careful, the strong undertow in this part of the seaside.

So how you get to Polem Beach? Polem is off the NH17, close to the Goa-Karnataka boarder. Hit the NH17 and head southward towards the Goa-Karnataka boarder beyond Palolem. Polem is about 17km south of Galgibaga Beach. It's a bit difficult to spot, though just at a short walk from the highway side along the palm fringed paddy fields. That's if you are driving from the central part of Goa.

Otherwise catch a local bus from Panjim or Margao that heads to Karwar. There are quite a few local buses too from Chaudi town in the Cananona area. Get dropped at Polem village. Walk towards the seaside (15 min walk). Bus would take about 1-2 hours from Margao. You may also try a hired boat from Palolem.

By the way the nearest railway station for Polem is Canacona Railway Station (CNO), where a few express and local trains from Vasco  da Gama and Madgaon stop. It's a 30min train train journey to Canacona from Vasco or Madgaon. From Cancona/Chaudi town explore local bus option to Polem.

Recommended to visit Polem only as day's trip, except during the peak seasons like the new year eve or during the relatively active seasons.

Checkout with the Kamaxi Beach Resort who setup shacks during the season.

Canacona map of Goa

Canacona map of Goa

Canacona map of Goa

South Goa Beaches Map & Itinerary Path

South Goa Beaches Map & Itinerary Path

South Goa map in detail with itinerary path to cover the beaches south of Margao. Colva Beach to Polem Beach distance is about 65km, if you follow the NH17 highway. And it would be about a 100km+ distance drive if you include many of the short detours on in this itinerary. Follow this path to plan your day's itinerary, keeping Margao as the start/end point and cover attractions south of Margao, along the coastline.

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Everything about Goa!Canacona


Canacona or Konkan is the south most part (taluk) of Goa. The popular Polem beach and the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary are located in Canacona. Quepeum in the north and Sanguem is located in the northeast of Canacona.

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You can travel to Goa from Mumbai by Road, Air and Rail. Mumbai to Goa by Road: There are two major routes connecting Mumbai with Goa. The first is along NH17 and the second is via Pune (NH4). Mumbai to Goa distance (via NH4) 600km : Mumbai - 150km-> Pune... more ➜

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everything about goa !
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