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Everything about Goa!

Goa Railway Stations

Everything about

You'll not find a railway station with name Goa! Rather, the main two railway stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama (Code:VSG) and Madgaon (Code:MAO).

Vasco da Gama is a terminus, located very close to the Dabilm Airport (Goa Airport) and the port. Most of the long distance trains to Goa that end/stats at Goa operate from Vasco da Gama railway station

Madgaon (also called Margao) railway station is about 30km south of Vasco da Gama. A great deal of the north-south express trains (in the Konkan Railway route) pass via Madgaon. A large number of express trains to Goa pass via Madgaon, more than those makes it to Vasco da Gama.

Search for trains to Madgaon rather than Vasco da Gama, if you are exploring for all the possible trains to Goa. Every train that goes to Vasco da Gama, passes via Madgaon Railway station anyways.

Apart from Madgaon and Vasco da Gama railway stations, Goa has a number of smaller railway stations. Some of the express trains halts at a few of these smaller stations too. Otherwise these are railway stations for the local passenger trains.

Draw a cross on the Goa's map. That would roughly looks like the railway routes in Goa. Madgaon railway station is around the intersection of this cross.

On the left extreme, close to the sea is Vasco-da-Gama, the last station on the west of Goa. Between Vacso and Madgaon lies Dabolim (Code:DBM), Sankaval (Code:SKVL), Cansaulim (Code:CSM), Majodra (Code: MJO) and Survali/Seraulim (Code:SRVX)

At the top end of the cross is Pernem (Code:PERN) , the north most railway station in Goa. further the route heads towards Mumbai.

Between Pernem railway station and and Madgaon station lies Tivim (Code:THVM), Karmali (Code:KRMI), Verna (Code:VEN) and Survali/Seraulim (Code:SRVX) in north the south order.

South of Madgaon station are Balli (Code:BLLI) and Cancona (Code:CNO), the last station south of Goa.The route further heads towards Karwar and Mangalore.

East of Madgaon railway station is Chandar (Code:CNR). Further east are Curchorem Railway Station (Sanvendram Chuch , Code:SVM) and the route winds it way towards the boarder with Karnataka state. Before it enters Karnataka are two more small stations on the Goa side, Kaleem/Kalay (Code:KM) Railway station and Kulem/Colem (Code:QLM), this is the station for those who are heading to the the Doodh Sagar Falls. Many express trains stop at Kulem Railway Station.

Everything about Goa!How to reach Goa

How to reach Goa

Goa is well connected with the rest of the Indian states by rail, road and air. Goa by Road: National Highway 17 ( NH 17) passes right through Goa in a generally north south direction. Apart from being the arterial road of the state , NH 17 connects the northern... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Mumbai to Goa by NH17

Mumbai to Goa by NH17

NH17 is the traditional Konkan route to Goa.

Everything about Goa!Goa's History in a Nutshell

Goa's History in a Nutshell

Goa has a recorded history dates backs as old as 3 century BC. Let’s start with the 15th century AD Vijayanagara Empire that ruled most of south India, Goa included. At that time Goa was a small but important port city. The Arab merchants used it as their main landing... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Attractions of Goa

Attractions of Goa

Anjuna Arambol Baga Bhagwan Mahavir Bogmalo Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary Calangute Canacona Candolim Chapora Colva & Benaulim Dudhsagar Falls Fort Aguada Mapusa Margao Old Goa Palolem Polem Beach Panaji Ponda Terekhol Fort Vagator Vasco da Gama

Everything about Goa!Polem Beach

Polem Beach

No. The mob is yet to invade Polem Beach! Polem is as south as you can head in Goa, when it come to searching for that elusive lonely beaches and beach life. All you would see in this crescent shaped short beach is probably half a dozen catamarans of the... more ➜

Everything about Goa!South Goa Vs North Goa vs Central Goa

South Goa Vs  North Goa vs Central Goa

Once you are well past the 'Goa or Not' dilemma (see Why Goa?) , you will rather soon hit the question, where in Goa..? South Goa,  North Goa or  the Central Goa? Goa is often quoted as 'tiny' state, giving you an illusion that you can see the whole of Goa... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Goa to Kerala

Goa to Kerala

Kerala and Goa share the same Arabian Sea coastline along the western coast of India. Goa to Kerala by Train :   By far train is the most popular means to travel between Goa and Kerala. It's a 15 hours or so journey from Madgaon (MAO) to Ernakulam Jn (ERS),... more ➜

everything about goa !
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