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Everything about Goa!

Goa or Kerala

Everything about

When the Goa Tourism claims Goa as "A Perfect Holiday Destination", few tends to disagree. So is when Kerala claims itself as the "God's Own Country".

Goa and Kerala are located along the same coastline, on the west coast of India, separated by a 15 hours train journey. Though there are many differences, both Goa and Kerala share some great deal of similarities.

In india's tourism map, both are hotspots vying hard to attract domestic as well as international tourists. From a tourists standpoint, Goa and Kerala represents two beautiful easy going destinations in India.

Goa hard sells on its unending array of beaches, laid-back ambient and the many centuries of Portuguese legacy that still hang in the air. Kerala do it with its splendid combination of Backwaters, Ayurveda (wellness tourism), Nature and of course beaches.

Let's see what Goa and Kerala offers to its visitors. Compare the experiences one can anticipate and decide what suits you the best.

Will start with beaches. Kerala's coast line is almost 10 times longer that of Goa's.

But still Goan beaches and beach related actions steals the show. The actions may include, just chill out in one of those shacks nursing a cool beer, every now and then.

This contrast with Kerala. Of course Kelara's beach theme is relaxed, but of a different kind. Unlike in Goa, beaches in Kerala are scattered.

Kovalam can match Goa, albit in a very humble way. Varkala offers that romanticized solitude once Goan beaches had.

Then there is Cherai and Marari. Up north is Bekal and Kannur. And  the malabar region has many near deserted beaches, for those who likes that eerie surrounding lonely beaches.

That's about the beach list of Kerala. Well, we're not talking about those daytrip beaches, which every coastal town in Karala have.



Map showing locations of Goa and Kerala along the west coast of India

Map showing locations of Goa and Kerala along the west coast of India

Map showing locations of Goa and Kerala along the west coast of India

Everything about Goa!Why Goa?

Why Goa?

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Best Time to Visit Goa

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everything about goa !
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