Goa Jan Shadabdi Express Route Map

01 Dadar –>02 Thane–>03 Panvel –>04 Chiplun –>05 Ratnagiri–>06 Kankavli –>07 Kudal–>08 Thivim–>09 Karmali–>10 Madgaon

Mumbai to Goa Janshadabdi Express route map

Goa Jan Shadabdi Express Route Map

01 Dadar –> 02 Thane–> 03 Panvel –> 04 Chiplun –> 05 Ratnagiri–> 06 Kankavli –> 07 Kudal–> 08 Thivim–> 09 Karmali–> 10 Madgaon

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Everything about Goa!Goa Railway Stations

Goa Railway Stations

You'll not find a railway station with name Goa! Rather, the main two railway stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama (Code:VSG) and Madgaon (Code:MAO). Vasco da Gama is a terminus, located very close to the Dabilm Airport (Goa Airport) and the port. Most of the long distance trains to... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!How to reach Goa

How to reach Goa

Goa is well connected with the rest of the Indian states by rail, road and air. Goa by Road: National Highway 17 ( NH 17) passes right through Goa in a generally north south direction. Apart from being the arterial road of the state , NH 17 connects the northern... MORE ➜

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Mumbai to Goa : Which route to take, NH17 or NH4 ?

Those who plan to drive from Mumbai to Goa, this is probably an inevitable question. NH 4 or NH17? It's a bit difficult to answer in one quick suggestion. There are many factors , that sway between these two highways. Let's take a few key things that can help you... MORE ➜

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