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Mumbai to Goa!

Goa Jan Shadabdi Express

Everything about

If you are looking for a day train to Goa from Mumbai, the Mumbai Goa Jan Shadabdi Express (Train No:12051/12052) is a comfortable option. You'll need to start quite early though (leaves Dadar station by 5.25 AM ).

The next probable morning train option is the Mandovi Express (Train No:10103/10104) that leaves Mumbai CSTM at 7.10 AM, and also with many more stops enroute than the Goa Jan Shadabdi Express.

Jan Shadabdi got 2 coaches of AC Chair Car (Class Code : CC) and the rest of 12 Non AC Sitting type (Class Code : 2S) coaches.

Also note, these trains are operated in the Konkan Rail Route, which has a monsoon timetable. During the monsoon period trains typically has an early stary, that's to compensate for the slow speed through the mountainous Konkan route during the rainy season.

AC Char Car should cost you around Rs1000 and the 2S ticket about Rs300. Check it out at the official IRCTC website for schedules,seat availability and online reservation

Stops from Mumbai to Goa : Dadar –>Thane–> Panvel –>Chiplun –>Ratnagiri–>Kankavli –> Kudal–>Thivim–>Karmali–>Madgaon.

The train earlier used to operate up to Karmali station of  Old Goa. There are over 10 other train options from Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa Janshadabdi Express route map

01 Dadar –>02 Thane–>03 Panvel –>04 Chiplun –>05 Ratnagiri–>06 Kankavli –>07 Kudal–>08 Thivim–>09 Karmali–>10 Madgaon

01 Dadar –> 02 Thane–> 03 Panvel –> 04 Chiplun –> 05 Ratnagiri–> 06 Kankavli –> 07 Kudal–> 08 Thivim–> 09 Karmali–> 10 Madgaon

Everything about Goa!Goa Railway Stations

Goa Railway Stations

You'll not find a railway station with name Goa! Rather, the main two railway stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama (Code:VSG) and Madgaon (Code:MAO). Vasco da Gama is a terminus, located very close to the Dabilm Airport (Goa Airport) and the port. Most of the long distance trains to... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!How to reach Goa

How to reach Goa

Goa is well connected with the rest of the Indian states by rail, road and air. Goa by Road: National Highway 17 ( NH 17) passes right through Goa in a generally north south direction. Apart from being the arterial road of the state , NH 17 connects the northern... MORE ➜

Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai to Goa : Which route to take, NH17 or NH4 ?

Mumbai to Goa : Which route to take, NH17 or NH4 ?

Those who plan to drive from Mumbai to Goa, this is probably an inevitable question. NH 4 or NH17? It's a bit difficult to answer in one quick suggestion. There are many factors , that sway between these two highways. Let's take a few key things that can help you... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Matsyagandha Express

Matsyagandha Express

The daily express train that connects Mumbai with Mangalore via Goa. Matsyagandha Express is one of the popular trains to travel from Mumbai and Mangalore to Goa and Train Number : 12619 (Mumbai - Goa- Mangalore ) and Train Number : 12620 (Mangalore - Goa - Mumbai)

Mumbai to Goa!Mumbai to Goa Ferry

Mumbai to Goa Ferry

Travel from Mumbai to Goa by Ferry! Sounds exciting. But does the ferry service exist? The short answer is NO. The Mumbai-Goa ferry service (catamaran) has been operational till around 2004. During the sixties and seventies there was a pair of steam ships - Konkan Shakti and Konkan Sevak -... more ➜


Mumbai to Goa!Dubai to Goa Flights

Dubai to Goa Flights

Air India (AI 994) flies direct non-stop to Goa (GOI) from Dubai (DBX). This is the fastest (and cheapest too!) to fly to Goa direct from Dubai. This is a late night flight. Air India (AI 984) flies direct to Goa via Mumbai, with 1 hour stop at Mumbai (MUM).... more ➜

everything about goa !
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