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Everything about Goa!

Goa In A Nutshell

Everything about

Where is Goa?

Goa is a western state of India. Western fringes of Goa is along the Arabian Sea shore. Located about 600km (370miles) south of Mumbai and about 2000km(1240km) southwest of New Delhi.


When to Goa? 

Goa is open for visitors round the year.

However the tourism season in Goa tends to swell as the winter season (in the West) sets in and peaks around the New Year. Those coming to Goa aiming the classic trio - Sun-Sand-Beach - as the agenda, keep the peak Monsoon season aside (mid Jun-mid September).

Do it in reverse if you want to ride on the off season benefits, be it deep discounts  or enjoy your time in solitude.

Keep an eye on the festival and carnival seasons of Goa. You may want to go for it, or may want to avoid the landrush days.

How hot is Goa?

Well, Goa's day temperatures hovers around the 30 degree C  and night temperatures around 25 degree C . The Monsoon season (mid Jun to September ) brings a dip in the peak temperatures. However monsoon also brings the higher humidity and reduced sunshine, making the overall ambient a bit soggy and muggy.

The sea breeze from the west coast and the mountainous contours of the east make sure that Goa doesn't see a dramatic change in temperatures.

No, Goa has never seen snow!

When does Monsoon start in Goa?

Early Jun brings the first sequel of rains in the form of Monsoon (rainy season) . That turns torrential during the July-August period. And finally recedes by late September.

By that way monsoon is not a shut off period for Goa. You can customise your Goa plan to suits the Monsoon, look for some fancy sounding deep discount monsoon tourism packages offered around this period.

What's the best itinerary for Goa?
Difficult to say! However you can customise Goa tour plan based on your taste and time in hand at Goa. There are many popular circuits to cover the attractions of Goa. Decide first if you would want to only apart of Goa, say North Goa or South Goa.

South Goa Itinerary : Attractions along the Colva Beach to Polem Beach | Attractions in Madgaon to the Western Ghats Region

How to travel to Goa?
Goa is well connected with the Indian Railways rail network. The international airport is about 45 minutes drive from the Panjim city center. There is also a highway network connecting major cities and towns in the region. See How to Reach Goa...

Mumbai to Goa | Mumbai to Goa Trains | Delhi to Goa | Bangalore to Goa | Bangalore to Goa Trains | Pune to Goa 

Delhi is connected with Goa by air and rail

Delhi is connected with Goa by air and rail

Delhi is connected with Goa by air and rail

Best Time to Visit Goa

Goa is a 365 days a year tourism destination. Most popular season is the cooler (and rain free) October to January period.

Goa looks spectacular post monsoon (July onwards till around September ) as the rain brings as a fresh coat of lush green to this tropical landscape. The bonus is that's when the Goa hotels offer its deep discounts.

Goa sees distinct Summer,Monsoon and Winter periods.

Goa sees distinct Summer,Monsoon and Winter periods.

Goa sees distinct Summer,Monsoon and Winter periods.

Goa has many direct domestic and international connections.

Goa has many direct domestic and international connections.

Mumbai is well connected with Goa. If you could to find a direct flight to Goa, fly to Mumbai and get a connection to Goa.

Everything about Goa!South Goa Vs North Goa vs Central Goa

South Goa Vs  North Goa vs Central Goa

Once you are well past the 'Goa or Not' dilemma (see Why Goa?) , you will rather soon hit the question, where in Goa..? South Goa,  North Goa or  the Central Goa? Goa is often quoted as 'tiny' state, giving you an illusion that you can see the whole of Goa... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Why Goa?

Why Goa?

Well, you already know Goa is a phenomenally popular tourism destination. What makes Goa so special? Many things. In fact many things in the right combination at the right place. The geography first. Goa is a tiny state, but its geography is quite diverse. The east if Goa is the... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Polem Beach

Polem Beach

No. The mob is yet to invade Polem Beach! Polem is as south as you can head in Goa, when it come to searching for that elusive lonely beaches and beach life. All you would see in this crescent shaped short beach is probably half a dozen catamarans of the... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Netravati Express

Netravati Express

Netravati Express (Train Number : 16345 & 16346) is a daily long running express train that connects Mumbai with Thirivananthapuram. This train runs along the Konkan coast connecting most of the cities along the western coast of India between Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. Netravati connects Mumbai with many railway stations in... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Goa to Hampi

Goa to Hampi

Hampi, located about 340km (about 210 miles) east of Hampi makes an ean excellent excursion point from Goa. Peel off a minimum of 3 days from your Goa itinerary and make an excellent tour of the spectacular Hampi ruins site. People who has ample time in hand, tends to hang... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Matsyagandha Express

Matsyagandha Express

The daily express train that connects Mumbai with Mangalore via Goa. Matsyagandha Express is one of the popular trains to travel from Mumbai and Mangalore to Goa and Train Number : 12619 (Mumbai - Goa- Mangalore ) and Train Number : 12620 (Mangalore - Goa - Mumbai)

Everything about Goa!Bangalore to Goa Trains

Bangalore to Goa Trains

Four weekly express trains connect Bangalore to Goa.All the trains leave from Yesvantpur Jn in Bangalore. Two of the trains start from Yesvantpur while the other two arrive from Vellankanni and Chennai for Goa. Travel time between Vasco Da Gama and Bangalore is about 14 hours. Tuesdays & Sundays :... more ➜

everything about goa !
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