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The following gives you an idea of how to dial when Calling Goa from other countries (calling gos from UK, US etc)  and Calling Goa within India:

The telephone number to dial from outside of India typically has 3 parts
1.The India Country Code (91)
2.Goa's regional code code (in India it's called the STD Code) . See below the list of STD Codes of Goa's cities.
3.The Goa telephone number you want to dial.

So it looks like this [India Code][STD Code][Telephone Number].

One peculiar thing to note is you'll need to include the STD Code only if the local number is a fixed landline telephone number. In other words, if the Indian number is a mobile phone number, you'll have to skip the STD code.

STD Code (Subscriber Trunk Dialing ) for some of the places in Goa.

Aquem 0832
Canacona 08346
Colvale 0832
Margao 08342
Pale 0834
Panaji 0832
Pernem 0832
Ponda 08343
Queula 0834
Saligao 0832
Siolim 0832
Valpoi 0834

For example if you are dialing the telephone number 123456 of Panaji from abroad, dial +91 832 123456 and NOT +91 0832 123456.
The prefix + needs to be replaced by your country's' international dialing prefix (Dialing from India, the international call prefix is 00 ).

However in you are dialing the same number within India (outside Panaji), the number to dial is 0832 123456

If 123456 is a fixed (landline) number in Goa :

  • International dialing to Goa : +91832123456   [India Code][STD Code without 0][Telephone Number].
  • Within India dialing to Goa :0832123456   [STD Code][Telephone Number]
  • Goa Local dialing :123456 [Telephone Number]

If 123456 is a mobile number in Goa :

  • International dialing to Goa : +91123456 [India Code][Telephone Number].
  • Within India dialing to Goa :0123456 [Prefix 0][Telephone Number].
  • Goa Local dialing :123456 [Telephone Number]



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