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Everything about Goa!

Best Time to Visit Goa

Everything about

For Beach Action & Party : Aim for November to February. Be in the adventure sports centered around the beaches or dolphin spotting in the sea or simply the typical beach life Goa's coast line is action packed during the cooler late October to early February.

It's party time in Goa, that attains a feverish pitch around the New Year eve. Prices shoots through the roof. Book things (Hoteles,Flights,Trains) as they turn prohibitively expensive for last minutes bookings, that is, if something is up for booking.

The season somehow lingers on even after mid February and gradually tapers till the summer heat raises.

If beach and partying is not your idea of vacation, look for the off season periods. It's myth that Goa shuts down during summer and monsoon periods. It's not. Do different things at Goa in different seasons. Goa is a 365 days a year destination.

For Nature Vacation : Post monsoon is the best time to shoot for. Goa sits trapped between the slopes of the Western Ghats and the Arabian sea coast. Monsoon makes the rivers and estuaries that empties into the sea swell. The waters falls in the mountains turn spectacular. So is the green coat of this tropical hillside hinderland of Goa. You'll get Deep Discounts from most of the upscale resorts and hotels located along the coastline of Goa.

June-July will bring rains to Goa in the form of Monsoon season. You can enjoy the wet goa in style, though beaches would be a bit rough and dangerous  to get into. Torrential rails will last till August and then its tapers till September.


Best Time to Visit Goa

Goa is a 365 days a year tourism destination. Most popular season is the cooler (and rain free) October to January period.

Goa looks spectacular post monsoon (July onwards till around September ) as the rain brings as a fresh coat of lush green to this tropical landscape. The bonus is that's when the Goa hotels offer its deep discounts.

Everything about Goa!Goa In A Nutshell

Goa In A  Nutshell

Where is Goa? Goa is a western state of India. Western fringes of Goa is along the Arabian Sea shore. Located about 600km (370miles) south of Mumbai and about 2000km(1240km) southwest of New Delhi.   When to Goa?  Goa is open for visitors round the year. However the tourism season... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa

You can travel to Goa from Mumbai by Road, Air and Rail. Mumbai to Goa by Road: There are two major routes connecting Mumbai with Goa. The first is along NH17 and the second is via Pune (NH4). Mumbai to Goa distance (via NH4) 600km : Mumbai - 150km-> Pune... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Goa Seasons

Goa Seasons

When to go to Goa? The answer depends on what you are up to! If you are keen to join the party, go there between November and February. This is a rain-free, cooler period of the year. Needless to say, this season attracts busloads,boatloads and planeloads of tourists to Goa.... MORE ➜

Everything about Goa!Planning a Goa Trip ? 7 Mistakes to Avoid!

Planning a Goa Trip ? 7 Mistakes to Avoid!

7. Packed Too Much: Well we are not talking about, the baggage , but the itinerary. Be realistic. You can not 'finish' Goa. Rather you'll end up in a whirlwind tour, heading from places to places, rather than savoring the the essence of Goa. Who said procrastination is a bad... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Bangalore to Goa by Bus

Bangalore to Goa by Bus

KSRTC operate two daily bus services to Goa from Bangalore. Both are Airavat Club class (Volvo, Luxury type) overnight buses leaving from Kempegowda bus stand (Majestic) and reaches the Kadamba Bus Station in Panaji. Bangalore to Goa bus timing (KSRTC): The first bus leaves at 7.30PM and reaches Goa 8AM... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Why Goa?

Why Goa?

Well, you already know Goa is a phenomenally popular tourism destination. What makes Goa so special? Many things. In fact many things in the right combination at the right place. The geography first. Goa is a tiny state, but its geography is quite diverse. The east if Goa is the... more ➜

Everything about Goa!Goa or Kerala

Goa or Kerala

Goa and Kerala are located along the same coastline, on the west coast of India, separated by a 15 hours train journey. Though there are many differences, both Goa and Kerala share some great deal of similarities. In india's tourism map, both are hotspots vying hard to attract domestic as... more ➜

everything about goa !
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