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Goa is much more than sun, sand and sea . The fortunes of the Portugal’s colonial ambition took its ups and downs with the happenings in Goa. This tiny state in the western India is characteristically different from the rest of the Indian states. The western and eastern cultures met here centuries back.

The name Goa suffers the fatigue of it’s overuse in the tourist itinerary. The stereotype created by the guidebooks and advertisements doesn't help either. Dig a bit deeper, you'll find Goa is much more than sun, sand and sea.

Goa is unique among the other tourist destinations in India. There are very few places in India whose geography blended so well with its history to form a mystical land. Goa tops league.

It is no doubt Goa is renowned for its long array of beaches. So is Goa’s very own Goa Trance music and the Rave parties. And not to forget exquisite the Goan Vindaloo complete with the red wine soaked pork meat.

So what made Goa so different from the rest of India. Obviously the answer lies in its history. See the amazing history of Goa in a nutshell....

everything about goa !
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